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Backlinks From Your Own Network

If your keywords are medium or high competition, and you really want to power up your website to get ahead of your rivals, you need to employ a slightly different approach, especially if no other approach has worked for you.

This is done by creating a new and unique blog site network using high authority websites, starting new accounts on them and posting quality content linking back to your main web pages (not just the home page, which is why you should have good seo optimised landing pages too).

Once these sites are established, we then build more backlinks to your blog network - this is because the backlinks created to these websites will not be such high quality but there will be a higher quantity and this boosts the already high domain authority of your network sites which in turn helps your website to gain ground and overtake your rivals.

The backlinks are all sent to an indexing service so the majority of them will be used by Google to decide on your search results position.


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The only slight issue with this approach is that it can take a few weeks or a couple of months to see any measurable benefits.
However that aside, it is the most potent method of ranking that we know of and we will even send you a report that gives you the blog network urls and login credentials so that if you want to, you could log in and add content or change links yourself.

Business websites do not tend to remain the same for any long length of time so this is why we send you these credentials, you might change the important pages or add new ones, the point being that yo will have the ability to change things to suit you.

Part of our service, is to offer you the possibility to post your own regular content on these network sites too.
If you post blog content at all, send it to us and we can make some small alterations to make the content unique, and then add that to your blog network too.

We are proud to offer this service to all our customers large or small - starting at £197 for the first month and then £97 for three months. After that it is your choice if we keep going or you want your own content posted regularly @ £60 per article.

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