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Your Google My Business Page Needs To Be In The Top Three

The truth is that most of the clicks from customers will come from your Google My Business listing (GMB) because they appear before all the organic results for websites.

There are also only three results displayed (although you can click to see more results) and if you are not in that 'three pack' then your competitors will get the lions share of the clicks.

Getting your listing to appear in the three pack is the holy grail of local seo and there are quite a few jobs that must be done to get there and stay there.
Listed below are some of the things that can be done to help rank your GMB page in that top three in the Google Maps results.


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Firstly - Make Sure That Your Listing Is Verified

It is surprising how many small local businesses forget to take this step. It is easy but we are here to help you make sure this step is completed properly.
Is is also surprising that quite a few local businesses do not have a GMB because they either did not know about it or their web developer did not do a thorough job when designing the site by creating the GMB for them.

However, now that you have a verified listing you can make some edits, add some images etc to complete the listing.
That is not the end of the story, in order to fully optimise your listing you will need some help and we can get involved here simply with you inviting us to manage your page.
Email us to discover how this can be done if you do not already know.

Then we can put right anything that is missing or not well optimised and within a few days we will see if the work has had any effect.
There will usually be some more steps that can be taken such as building quality local citations, providing all the contact info on your website and GMB match up exactly.

Now you should see some definite movement in position and you can further increase this by posting regularly on your GMB page and adding images etc.

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