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Some websites are built with a recurring income in mind and these types of website are often Memberships (for education and selling courses), MarketPlaces or Directories to sell advertising space.

They offer a way to use subscriptions, paid annually or monthly (or indeed lifetime) to generate a revenue stream and can contain almost anything that you could create for like minded people.
Directories are almost always business listings in a niche that attracts a lot of followers and can be monetised by offering businesses a page of their own and perhaps a featured listing as an upsell.
Marketplaces are wonderful websites where a niche group of people can sell their products and services with all kinds of tempting discounts, bundle deals, loyalty rewards etc - all you need to do is upload the data and info about these services and products.

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Custom Membership website design

If you have a need to build a residual income for any purpose, but a lot of people immediately think - retirement - then looking for good ideas to build out a custom membership website, a marketplace or a directory website will probably be exactly what you are looking for.

Our unique web design service offers you the opportunity to have your own website, built around the niche of choice on your own domain and therefore the possibility of online income generated for years to come.

If your appetite has been sufficently whetted then please click the button below for the contact form, and send us details of your idea.
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