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A WordPress website is potentially the most powerful type of site thanks to the sheer volume of add-ons or plugins. When you combine the power of WordPress with the supreme power of professionally written plugins for marketing, seo, sharing and list building etc, you simply cannot beat a WordPress web site for for any type of business. It is surely the most effective platform to drive traffic and boost your business in.

But in order for any WordPress based website to thrive, you need to the right hosting and the right ideas to to attract clicks and sales/sign-ups. The objective is to keep visitors on your website long enough by utilising a layout and design that’s easy to use and highly reliable. This can make all the difference in your sales, turnover and profit and is the best web design service I offer to anyone.

At AJM Web Services, we offer you an amazing WordPress installation and design service at highly competitive rates. We can help you to build your WordPress web pages in any niche you want.
They will be highly optimised for your locality and the niche you are in – and you can have a WordPress business website along with e-commerce and a fully functional blog all in one place!

At the same time, we bring with us our considerable expertise in web design and development in order to create websites that look highly professional and beautifully designed and that will inspire absolute confidence in your customers. Our WordPress sites operate faultlessly and this ensures that you can focus on marketing and product development without having to worry that your pages might be losing you business.

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What Makes Effective WordPress Web Design?

Well, there are many factors but the versatility of WordPress and the supreme adaptability to any business niche makes it a King among web design platforms. One of the most important factors is security.
If you hope to encourage sign-ups then then you need a site that reassures your customers when they’re entering their email details.
If your site doesn’t look perfectly professional, then they will often simply look elsewhere. This is where WordPress websites win every time.  No problem to back-up and restore – no worries about hackers if security is done properly.

At the same time, WordPress website design need to employ a layout that makes it as easy as possible for customers to either make purchases or join your mailing list. You need to ensure there are no barriers to either, so that you can encourage every visitor to get more involved

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