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Developing your own website has its advantages but has many pitfalls.
While many people are happy to create a website for their business using site builders such as Wix, Four Square and other popular builders, what most of them never take into account is that they will always have to settle for what the builder offers them in the way of looks and functions and keep all body part crossed for luck that their pages will show up in the search results!

Of course, they are saving a lot of money in design costs, but in reality they still need a return on the investment and that means owning a website that not only looks nice, but does all the lead generation and turns up high in Google search. This is almost impossible to achieve without expert help.

However, if you have followed the initial tips on how to buy your domain and hosting, then you will find it more exciting to create your website using WordPress and there are links to great tutorials on the Learning How To Use WordPress page.

Once you have got your WordPress installation up and running, you can then look at buying a professional theme to reflect your business niche and use your own content to replace the default stuff supplied.
You might also want to look at Elementor page builder to help you design something more from scratch or oxygen Builder to learn real development and design.



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You should always have quality pictures to use and perhaps short videos on a Youtube channel and embedded in your website.
It is advisable to use an seo plugin like Rank Math to help you get your content loved by Google and you will also need a contact form, I use Fluent Forms. There are excellent free version of these plugins in the WP repository.

You can do all of this yourself, but at a cost of time (quite a lot) and fairly cheaply.
However, if what you want is to succeed and grow your business, customer lists, sales and everything else you expect your website to do for you, there may only one way to get there - talk to a professional!

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